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About The Boys

How They Got Here

Better known locally by the name CBM Band, Colton Pointz, Brayden Reites, and Michael Joyce, came together by chance (or…divine intervention).  

From CBM Band came the Back Country Boys.  Here’s an introduction to the band and how they made it happen.

C: Colton is a college student currently pursuing a business management degree at Florida Gulf Coast University. Colton began his interest in music learning to play the trumpet in grade school. Soon after he asked for piano lessons.  Athletics and music were the two things that he gravitated towards growing up. Music became his passion.  Entering high school, he earned a music scholarship to a prestigious preparatory school where he refined his skills as a pianist.  As a senior his efforts culminated by earning the highest accolade presented from his high school each year, the President’s Award for the exemplary talent in the area of performance.

B: Brayden is a high school student who participates in athletics and music activities. An excellent student, Brayden was raised around the entertainment industry.  He watched his incredibly talented and versatile father play the drums in venues all over Southern Florida.  At the age of 7, Brayden was invited on stage by his father to play the drums and Brayden was hooked.  He is a talented musician who enjoys the thrill of the spotlight.   

M: Michael is the front man for the band. His family noticed very early on that he had the voice and natural ability to carry a tune.  Likely inherited from his talented mother, he grew up with a strong musical influence.  Michael also excelled in athletics and could have pursued scholarship options at the collegiate level, but like his cohorts, nothing quite compared to the thrill of performing in front of a live audience.  Current endeavors include music theory classes and honing his technical guitar skills.  He enjoys the songwriting process and collaborates with Colton creating new material.

Michael and Colton met at a local coffee shop.   Michael was playing a one man show at the coffee shop and Colton was looking for new work to help offset college expenses.  A friendship began and soon after they were performing together.   Not long after Brayden joined as their percussionist and CBM Band was formed.


In less than a year, CBM Band evolved from opening for other bands to becoming the Back Country Boys and the headliner at some of Southwest Florida's most popular venues.  Initially, the band’s set list included country and rock covers from the 70’s to today’s top hits.  They are now introducing Back Country Boys original material during performances.  

The Back Country Boys band continues to collaborate in the creation of new melodies and is working in studio on their first album.

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